Waterfalls and Hotsprings in Dhanbad

Dhanbad is a beautiful place in Jharkhand. Dhanbad has waterfalls, hot springs, dams and artificial lake. Let us know more about them.

Bhatinda Waterfall:

The waterfall of Moonidih (or more popularly known as Bhatinda Waterfall) is famous for its scenic location. It is just 14 kms from Dhanbad railway station. The waterfall shines like silver when the sun's rays fall on it, giving it a mesmerizing look, showing nature's bounty. One can avail the services of cabs, auto rickshaws or buses that ply to and from this place at regular intervals.

Hot Springs of Chark-Khurd:

The village of Tundi is situated just 10 kms from Dhanbad . It is famous for the hot springs at Chark-Khurd. Hot springs are said to have healing benefits for the body. It is best to reserve rooms in the city of Dhanbad that has varied accommodation options suiting your specific needs.

Head north-east on NH 32 -> cross the Green View service station to the left -> turn right onto the GT road after 10.5 kms. mark -> after 750 meters take the first left to reach the village of Tundi.


It is situated  near Damodar river and is replete with  hot water springs.


Topchanchi is just 37 kms. from Dhanbad. Here you can see the artificial lake which was excavated from the base of  Parasnath hills in 1915. Water supply to Jharia is made from this water resource. If you go further 6 kms, you can visit Gomoh.

Panchet Dam:

This dam was inaugurated in 1959 and is a multipurpose dam built under aegis of Damodar Valley Corporation. It is located about 54 kms. from Dhanbad. The nearest railway station from Panchet Dam is at Kumardhubi which is around 10 kms. from the site of the dam. The lovely Panchet hills in the backdrop add to the natural grandeur of green surroundings and fresh air. During Monsoons the level of water breaches its control mark, so the the ideal time to visit this place is at the end of monsoon or during winters.

Maithan Dam:

Maithon means ''mother's home''. This dam is constructed on river Barakar and is around 48 kms. from Dhanbad. It is 165 ft. high and 15,712 ft. in length. The dam has proved useful in controlling floods and even generates 60,000 KW of electricity. It is a nice picnic spot filled with fishing and boating facilities.

It is credited as the only dam in South-East Asia that has a hydel power station located underground. Prior permission has to be procured before one can have a glimpse of this power station. A rest house for tourists has been established at the center of the island in the lake. Deer park, bird sanctuary and the ancient Kalyaneshwari (or Awake temple) are situated in the vicinity.

Water Filter Plant of Jamadoba:

The  water filter plant at Jamadoba supplies water to Dhanbad city and it makes an excellent picnic spot for the tourists. The serene surroundings aid in relaxation and give you an opportunity to be close to mother nature. It is best to book rooms in any of the hotels in Dhanbad and visit the picnic spot at leisure

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