Lifestyle of Dhanbad

Lifestyle of Dhanbad is influenced by the people who have migrated to this region from various parts of the country. Hence, influence of various cultures and traditions is visible in lifestyle of this city. The coal city represents a beautiful picture of traditional and modern lifestyle. Dhanbad has witnessed a phase of fast development in past few years and lifestyle of people has changed a lot. 

But, glimpse of various traditions and cultural values are still visible in the cuisines, festivals, special occasions and even languages of the people in this region. One can meet native folks of this region following their traditions culture while the youth of the day seems influenced with glitz and glamour of modern lifestyle.

Traditional Lifestyle in Dhanbad


Diversity of religions, languages, cultures, lifestyles and communities make this city rich in traditional values. Native of this region are strict about their traditional values. Despite of modernization, people still believe in following long established traditions . 

It can be visibly seen in costume and on special occasions like marriages .Women of this region love to wear saree and blouse, their traditional outfit. However, fabric and texture of saree has changed with the time. Earlier, cotton was used as main fabric of sarees and now silk and other fabrics are popular. Especially, Tussar silk made sarees of this region are much popular.

On special occasion or festivals, women put on traditional colorful sarees having tribal prints which include tribal art, culture, dance and festivals. They accessorize themselves with artistic and classic ornaments made of gold and silver. Generally, men wear kurta-payjama or dhoti, shirts and trousers in routine life. 

On special occasions, they also put on sherwani. Men and women both love to wear perfumes especially made out of natural aromas of flowers and leaves. However, youth can be found experimenting with their looks and costumes according to new fashion trends.

Influence of Western Culture in Dhanbad

Lifestyle of Dhanbad is also influenced by western culture and impact of western culture is visible in choice of people and in especially youth of this region. And the credit of this change definitely goes to rapid development and urbanization of the city which has changed the entire scenario. 

Young generation of the city are techno savvy and are fast to adapt the latest arrivals. Fabulous shopping malls, major branded showrooms and stores, popular fast food chains, multiplex, pubs, restaurants are present in the city to meet requirements of the youth.

Charm of western culture has influenced youth a lot and trendy t-shirts, jeans, cargos and shirts are popular among boys nowadays. Modern touch is also visible in traditional salwar kameez or churidar of young girls which has become more stylish than before. Girls are also trying out western outfits and shirts, jeans and skirts are common options now.

Fitness Centers in Dhanbad

Health is an important factor of life which affects overall life of a person be it social, professional or personal. It is necessary to maintain good health to look and feel good and youth of Dhanbad knows it very well. 

Thus to meet the demand of health conscious people, many of fitness and weight loss centers, yoga centers or classes, gyms and health clubs have opened their centers in the city. These centers are famous among young generation and aged people are also getting benefit of these facilities. Gold Gym and Monica Gym are famous gyms which offer various fitness related facilities in the city.

Beauty Salons and Spas in Dhanbad

Changing lifestyle of DhanbadUrbanization has changed mindsets of people in the city and men and women both have become aware about their appearance now. Especially, youth of Dhanbad is look conscious and wants to look best. 

In such condition, good beauty salons and spas are needed to get and maintain that perfect personality. This city has many beauty salons which are helping people in looking smart and well groomed too. 

Sonal Beauty Parlour and Beauty Clinic, Ladies Beauty Parlour are famous women’s parlour in the city. Royal Gents Parlour, Gentle Look Beauty Parlour and Smart men’s Parlour are famous among men in the city. Apart from that The Kaya is famous unisex parlour in the city.

Fast Food Culture in Dhanbad

Fast food has become major part of modern lifestyle. In fact, one cannot imagine life without fast food. Fast food is most popular among youth and same as in this region. 

Due to presence of urban population, fast food culture has become prominent part of lifestyle in Dhanbad and people love to hang out with family and friends at fast food joints and restaurants.

 At these fast food joints one can easily find pizza, burger, pani puri, snacks etc. KFC, Dominos Pizza and Hot Bread are famous fast food chains having their outlets in the city. Read more

Multicuisine Restaurants in Dhanbad

Dhanbad has various options of food for foodies who look out for experience of various tastes of different cuisines. When you are in Dhanbad, don’t worry about food as there are lots of options from famous food joints to classic restaurants where you can find mouthwatering cuisines. 

Seventeen Degrees Restaurant, Madhulika Restaurant, Celebration Restaurant, Millennium Host Restaurant, Falvor Restaurant, NYPFC New York Pizaa And Fried Chicken And Konark Restaurant are some popular multicuisine restaurants in the city where you can find your favorite cuisine. Read more
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