Investment in Dhanbad

The primary economic activities of people in Dhanbad are employment in mines, industries (Public or Private sector enterprises), agriculture, cottage industries and making of traditional craft items. The economy of this district is dependent on coal mining and related enterprises. There are many reasons for investment in Dhanbad. Some of the top reasons for investment in Dhanbad are the following:
Panchet Dam in Dhanbad

Mining in Dhanbad

Dhanbad district is rich in mineral resources, especially coal reserves, fire clay, sand and stone. It is the only district in Jharkhand where the non-agricultural population out numbers the agricultural population. There are 112 coal mines which employ around 25-30% of the total workers in the district. 

Ponds (''ahars''),wells, serial check dams, water sheds, micro lifts, irrigation projects and check dams have reached completion and augmented irrigation capacity. Investors can invest in Dhanbad keeping the immense potential for growth in mining and mineral based industries in mind and that mining is one of the major drivers of the economy of Dhanbad.

Planned Development

The unplanned development of Dhanbad has gradually shifted to orderly  expansion, thanks to the master plan prepared by Mineral Area Development Authority (MADA) in 1989. Important cities like Kolkata, Patna and Delhi in the vicinity ensure good trade and commerce. Haldia port nearby too augments business. Abundance of Coking coal in this district has led to mushrooming of umpteen number of medium and small enterprises and a large number of population is employed here. Dhanbad is in fact, the commercial capital of Jharkhand state. This is another top reasons of investment in Dhanbad.

Government Initiative

The Government of Jharkhand has made plans and programmes in welcoming investors to the state. There is promotion of Special Economic Zones. The crisis management plan for the district was developed in 2005 and is revised from time to time. It comprises of Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), Incident Response System (IRS) and Emergency Support Functions (ESFs). There is Urban Risk Reduction Plan too for the safety of workers and indigenous population. The government has always aimed to create green, hygienic and sustainable environment for everyone. The Jharkhand government's cooperation to the investors gives green signal to the investors to invest in Dhanbad. 

Industries in Dhanbad

There are many industries in Dhanbad such as chemical based, engineering, power generation, auto components, iron and steel based enterprises too gaining ground in Dhanbad. Investors coming to invest in this beautiful city can invest in these sectors also. There is employment opportunities in these enterprises in coming years.

Information Technology

Dhanbad is a developed city. The advent of Information Technology in all departments in Dhanbad is one of the major reasons for investment in the city.
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