Healthcare Services in Dhanbad

Dhanbad is one of the most famous industrial cities of Jharkhand state and is located in eastern part of India. It is well known for its rapid development and urbanization across the world. 

Well, health is an important factor of our life that cannot be neglected at any cost. Thus, it is vital to provide proper health care services for everyone and Dhanbad is good at this work. There are proper health care services available in the region and various government and private hospitals are providing health care services to those in distress. Besides, state government has also launched some special programs to take care of the people and improve health status of this region.

Health Care Infrastructure in Dhanbad

Health Services in Dhanbad

Due to day by day increasing industrial activities, Dhanbad has developed a lot . This development is also visible in health care infrastructure . Over the time, many hospitals have made their appearances on the canvas of Dhanbad. Well equipped and maintained private hospitals and govt. funded hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and such other health care services are available in Dhanbad to provide relief and proper solution to its residents as per concern of health problems and emergencies too. SSLNT Government Hospital, Patliputra Medical College and Hospital and Namdhari Hospital and Research Centre are some of the famous hospitals in Dhanbad. Besides, there are many ESIC dispensaries operating in the city.

Government Health Care Services

Health care infrastructure in Dhanbad

There are some govt. hospitals which provide proper medical services to the residents in Dhanbad. SSLNT Government Hospital is one of the most famous government hospitals in the city having modern facilities and equipments with qualified team of doctors. People come across the region for treatment in this hospital. Along with some govt. funded hospitals are also present in the city to provide instant health care services to the residents. Some other famous public hospitals are Patliputra Medical College and Hospital, Tata Central Hospital and Koyla Nagar Hospital which are popular among people of Dhanbad for good health care services.

Private Hospitals and Nursing Homes

Dhanbad has gone through rapid development and thus health care services have improved a lot. At present, there are numbers of private hospitals and nursing homes in the city which are famous for their treatments. With updated and modern medical facilities they aim at the early recovery of the admitted patients. Compared to other cities they charge moderate medical fees.

Health in Dhanbad

Namdhari Hospital and Research Centre, Patliputra Nursing Home, Dwarkadas Jalan Memorial Hospital, Asarfi Hospital Pvt. Ltd. and Om Sai Hospital are some of the famous private hospitals in this region providing good health care services to the people. Apart from that many other new hospitals, nursing homes and clinics are also emerging as per increasing demand of health care facilities in the city.

Homeopathy in Dhanbad

Dhanbad also has good homeopathy health care services too and homeopathy is much popular among people in this city. Homeopathy is a German Treatment Methodology which is famous for its accurate results without any adverse effect. It claims to treat most of the chronic ailments from root. There are many homeopathy clinics are present in Dhanbad which provide proper solution of several health problems. Anand Cure and Care, Ideal Homeo Pharmacy and Homeo center are some popular Homeopathy centers in the city.

Ayurveda in Dhanbad

Ayurvedic treatments are well known for their best outcomes. Ayurveda is widely used for treating minor to major ailments from ages. It is ancient Indian Methodology of treating diseases with the help of natural and herbal products. There are innumerable ayurvedic centers in Dhanbad which provide relief from several health problems to the people. Ayurvedic medicines are popular for their long time effects. Allopathic medicines just provide fast recovery with temporary relief whereas ayurvedic treatments take a long time for recovery but remove root cause of ailment completely.

Ayurvedic Clinics in Dhanbad

Patanjali Arogya Kendra is most popular ayurvedic center in Dhanbad district having several branches in the region. Apart from that some other popular ayurvedic clinics are Jiva Ayurvedic Clinic, Kerala Ayurvedic Clinic, Divya Jyoti Prakritik Chikitsa Kendra and Bharat Ayurvedic Rasayanagar in the city.

Medical Stores in Dhanbad

Chemists play major role in providing medicines in any city or locality as well. Hospitals and clinics are not just sufficient when it comes to provide proper medicines at required time. Along with all other health care services, there are numbers of medical stores also available in the city. Some of the chemist shops in Dhanbad provide 24 hours service too. It helps a lot to the people who look out for the medicines in emergency. Urbanization has changed health condition of the city improving facilities of health care in the city.

It has been the endeavor of Jharkhand Government to reach out to the last person in the village, as far as health care is concerned. The main objective of eleventh 5-year plan (2007-2012) was to achieve the objectives of National Rural Health Mission (NRHM). The sole thrust was to strengthen the Primary Health Care Units and see that the benefits of all the government schemes reach out to those living in remote areas. For this, health care needs to be highly accessible and affordable. 

Referral hospitals have been renovated and upgraded. Financial assistance is provided to BPL patients for treatment of cancer, heart ailments and kidney transplant. There are proposal for the establishment of trauma centers and mobile health clinics in the state, especially on national highways. Mobile Medical Units (MMUs) at CHCs aid poor people living in villages and who are unable to come the medical center. The integrated health care system propagated by Ministry of Health & Family Welfare and the Health Society of Jharkhand in collaboration with ILO, proposes for health insurance that covers the entire population living Below Poverty Line (BPL). 

In Dhanbad, Patliputra Medical College with a 500-bed attached hospital serves the medical care needs of the entire population. It has been upgraded to a certain extent in order to conform to MCI norms and standards. There has been improvement in the number of beds, teaching and medical equipment.

There are good hospitals and nursing homes in Dhanbad which provide ambulance to shift sick patients to the hospital. Dwarkadas Jalan Memorial Hospital, Patliputra Medical College and Hospital, Asarfi Hospital Pvt. Ltd., Om Sai Hospital, Pragati Medical and Research Centre Pvt. Ltd., 

Central Hospital, R.C.Hazra Memorial Hospital, Life Line Hospital, Namdhari Hospital and Research Center etc. are some famous hospitals in Dhanbad. They also provide ambulance services to refer patients to specialized centers for treatment. Blood Banks save a patient's life by providing timely help with required units of blood. The hospitals mentioned above, provide this special facility. They serve as collection centers also.
The Jharkhand Government developed the ''Sarva Swasthya Mission'' to bestow health care to the marginalized population. Agreements with industrial groups still comes under their Corporate Social Responsibility principle for co-contribution to the health insurance scheme.
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