Dhanbad Tourism

Dhanbad, better known as the ''Coal Capital of India'' is rich in collieries. To its North and North-East is Barakar river which separates it from Hazaribagh, the Santhal Parganas and Burdwan districts. It is a mini metropolitan city located on the Chotanagpur plateau. Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand, is 168 kms. away from Dhanbad. People residing in Dhanbad speak Hindi, Bengali, Santhali, Punjabi and Bhojpuri.

Barakar river flows about 77 kms. in the district. Other small rivers in Dhanbad district are Gobai, Ijri, Khudia and river Katri. River Damodar is another important river flowing through the district. The presence of two dams in Dhanbad district has led to an engagement of a considerable population in Pisciculture. Sericulture too is being promoted by the state government.

For the tourists, there is a deer park and bird sanctuary near lake Maithon. Another sought after picnic spot is Topchanchi lake and Panchet Dam. Parasnath hills depict their natural beauty and fills the hearts of tourists with evergreen exuberance. Bhatinda falls is yet another site where one can experience natural serenity of silvery free flowing waterfall.

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Among spiritual places, there is Kalyaneshwari temple, Panra, Shakti mandir,Shyam mandir, Lallori Sthan mandir, Shiva Temple of Jhinjhipahari. Jagannath Temple, Dhansar and Bhuphor Mandir.Chark-Kurd in Tundi is known for hot water springs. Gopalpur in Nirsa flaunts ancient monuments as old as those built during Ashoka's reign. Birsa Munda Park and Sir Dorabji Tata Park as well as the Pahari ground are other places worth  visiting.

Kabaripatti mosque, Jama Masjid, Shamsher Nagar Eidgah, Koyla nagar masjid are places where Muslims show reverence and come to seek Allah's blessings.

Bank more, City Centre Bartand, Ozone Galleria, Ozone Plaza, New Market, Park Market, Urmila Tower, The Family Store etc. are some shopping malls and towers where you can shop to your heart's content. Shristi Plaza, Prabhatam Grand, Center-Point Mall and the biggest mall in Dhanbad - Ozone Galleria mall can add to your shopping extravaganza.

Dhanbad is a mining town and is famous for the coalfields which are known as Jharia Coalfields. There are about 112 coal mines in Dhanbad district which covers an area of around 448 sq kms.

Fast Facts about Dhanbad Tourism:

Altitude: 840 ft. above sea level.                                                             Beautiful view in Dhanbad

Rainfall: 1418 mm (July to September)

Best Season to visit: October to March

Clothing: Summer - Cotton  clothes.
                 Winter - Light Woolens.

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