Dhanbad History Milestones

Dhanbad has an interesting history of its own. Dhanbad district in Jharkhand, was at one time, part of Manbhum district. It was constituted on 24th October, 1956. The entire region is rich in mineral reserves, especially ''black diamond'' or coal. Around the year 1991, Bokaro district was carved out from Chas sub-division of Dhanbad district and Bermo sub-division of Giridih district. 

Today, there are a number of mines which have engaged numerous workmen in mining jobs. Dhanbad is a modern city with new buildings, medium and large scale industries coming in and is inhabited by fellowmen from various parts of India, making it a truly cosmopolitan city. The important milestones and chronological events in the history of Dhanbad are listed below:

Emperor Akbar gifted this territory to Raja Man Singh in recognition of the latter's victory in a battle.

Dhanbad was part of Manbhum district.

Dhanbad district was formed.

24th October, 1956

Chota Nagpur has been referred to by Huien Tsang in his travelogues.

Scientists and researchers explored mineral reserves here.

Dhanbad was part of Bihar State.

Since 1956

Later, it became part of Jharkhand State.

Bhelatand Coal Mine was the first coal mine leased to Tata Group.


Today, Dhanbad has two dams, namely Maithon dam and Panchet Dam.

Dhanbad is known for power generation, fertilizer       production and cement manufacture.

There are 112 coal mining units here.

Dhanbad is called the coal capital of India due to             abundance of coal or black diamond found here.

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