Dhanbad Facts and Figures

Dhanbad city is situated in the state of Jharkhand. The city is known for coal mining. Important facts and figures of Dhanbad including total area, population and literacy rate are provided in the table.

  • Total Area 2,052 sq. kms. 
  • Elevation 728 ft. 
  • Population (2011) 1,195,298 
  • Population Density 1,284 per sq. kms. 
  • Telephone Code +91-326 
  • Vehicle Registration JH 10 
  • Literacy Rate
  • Male: 85.68 %  
  • Female: 64.70 %
  • Male Female Ratio 1000:908 
North: Giridih district (Jharkhand)
South: West Bengal
East: Jamtara district (Jharkhand)
West: Bokaro district (Jharkhand) 

Average Rainfall 1154.4 mm. 

Average Temperature in Summer 32.160 C
Average Temperature in Winter 17.930 C

Languages spoken Santhali, Hindi 
Major Rivers Damodar, Konar, Barakar, Jamuria, Katri, Gobai, Irji, Khudia 
Districts 1 (Dhanbad) 
Sub-Districts 1 (Dhanbad) 

Blocks There are 8 Blocks: Baghmara, Gobindpur, Jharia, Nirsa, Topchanchi, Tundi and Purbi Tundi, Baliapur, Dhanbad 
Assembly Constituencies Giridih, Tundi, Baghmara, Dhanbad, Sindri, Jharia, Nirsa 
Villages 1349 (As per 1991 Census). 

Panchayats 256 (As per new Gazetteer).
Revenue Inspector Circle 8 (Dhanbad, Jharia, Baghmara, Nirsa, Topchanchi, Tundi and Purbi Tundi, Govindpur, Baliapur). 

Major Agricultural Products Paddy, wheat, oilseeds 

Major Industrial Products
Firebricks, glass products, cement, ceramics, iron and steel, engineering products
Major Exportable Items
Engineering Products, Magnetite, Ceramic Products, Refractories Products and 
Cement etc.  
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