Cuisines of Dhanbad

Cuisine of Dhanbad is famous for its aroma and lip smacking taste. Dhanbad is situated in Jharkhand and is one of the most famous and commercialized zone of the state. The traditional cuisine of Jharkhand and amalgamation of sumptuous dishes from Punjab, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Rajasthan have found many takers in this mining land. Modernization is visible in the city but typical food is not affected by this change.

Traditional Food of Dhanbad

Rice, daal, phulka or roti (chapati) and green vegetables with achaar (pickle) make for a routine meal in any home here in Dhanbad. Traditional dishes of Jharkhand state include litti and chokha, mitha khaja, til barfi, pittha, singara (samosa) etc. which are relished by one and all in Dhanbad. Non-vegetarians in Dhanbad love to eat, spicy chicken, meat and fish. 

However, the cosmopolitan nature of the Dhanbad town is visible when one finds young and old enjoying chola- bhatura as much as pani-puri and chinese noodles! Sambar-vada, idly and dosa are as lovingly devoured as litti-chokha. So, to say that cuisine in Dhanbad has no regional and geographical boundaries won't be an exaggeration.

Cuisines of Dhanbad

Some of the other famous traditional cuisines of this region are aloo chokha, dhuska, anarsa, nimki, pittha, rugda and dhubni roti etc. Cuisine of Dhanbad also has slight touch of Mughlai style and non vegetarian are mostly cooked in Mughlai style which includes delicious spicy chicken, mutton and fish as well. But, this type of non-vegetarian food is famous among considerable amount of people in this city.
Tribes living in this region use flowers as vegetables. Flowers of drumstick and jhirool are used in cooking as vegetables. Usually, mustard oil is used for cooking and five different types of spices including mustard, fenugreek, cumin, fenel and kalonji are used for seasoning of the dishes that add taste and aroma to the food as well as make it mouthwatering and finger-licking. 

Handia is famous traditional drink of this region which is also known as rice beer and especially made on festivals and weddings in tribal areas. Various types of pickles are made in this region and their taste is classic.

Traditional food of Dhanbad is easy to digest and light on stomach as well. Native folks of this region have been strict about eating habits and that is why they have maintained such healthy food habits in the region. Litti and Chokha is famous cuisine of the entire region. Rice is the major crop of this region and thus, most of the traditional cuisines are prepared using rice as main ingredient.

Snacks of Dhanbad

Popular foods of DhanbadSnacks are very popular among people in this region and they love varieties of snacks. Samosa or singhara, barra, aloo chop, litti, pakora or pakori, baiganee chop and dhuska are some of the popular traditional snacks in Dhanbad. 

Barra is made of rough dough of pulses or grams mixed with grated onions and green chilies. Litti is baked wheat balls filled with black gram and desi ghee by making a hole in wheat ball. It is usually paired with spicy Chokha and taste of this cuisine is too yummy.
Baiganee chop is made of brinjal slices marinated with salt and spices and then dipped into paste of chickpea four and fried in mustard oil. 

These yummy snacks are usually prepared in kitchens of the city and one can also find some of these snacks at road side stalls and litti is top on the list.

Street Food in Dhanbad

Just like any other city of India, street food is also much popular in Dhanbad. Litti Chokha, Samaosa or singhara, pani puri, pakora or pakori, aloo chop and such other spicy and delicious snacks are easily available as street food in the city. Local markets and streets offer different options of street food in this region. 

Even you can easily find such amazing road side stalls at every nook and corner of the city. And taste of these mouthwatering delicacies is surely unforgettable.

Sweets of Dhanbad

People of this region love sweets and prepare various types of sweets on festivals and every special occasion. People relish desserts such as gajar ka halua, kheer and yes! mitha khaja. During festivals, especially Diwali, this dish is prepared in bulk and shared with relatives and friends as 'prasad'. Jaggery, cardamom powder and plain flour (maida) are main ingredients of this dish.

Til Barfi and Til Ladoo are important dish served during Makar Sankranti festival. It is not only delicious but also has nutritional value. Grated coconut, sugar, sesame seeds, groundnuts are mixed and ground and shaped like barfi.

Sweet dishes of Dhanbad

Pittha yet another favorite item is prepared using chana dal, garlic, flour, ginger, turmeric powder and chillies. The preparation is famous in Bengal and Orissa but in Jharkhand, it is prepared with subtle difference in ingredients to bestow it a classic flavor.

Native folks are expert in preparing mouthwatering sweets and some of the traditional sweets are mitha khaja, mal pua, thekua, kasar larua, gud chiwda, balu sahi, gaund ladoo and rice ladoo of this region. Madhulika Sweets, Sandesh Sweets, Gujarati sweets shop, Grand Sweets and New Basant Misthan Bhandar are some of the famous sweet shops in Dhanbad.

Fast food in Dhanbad

Fast food has become one of the all time favorite food options of all age groups nowadays. But, it is most popular among young generation. Due to urbanization and fast development famous food chains like Dominos Pizza and Hot Bread have opened their outlets in this city of Jharkhand. 

There is availability of varieties of fast food and beverages for the hard core fast food lovers. Apart from that local fast food joints also cater to the demand of delicious fast food in this region. Other famous name is KFC that is also available here to complete your treat.

Restaurants in Dhanbad

Dhanbad is basically commercial city which is famous for its coal minings. Its traditional cuisines are rich in taste and aroma. There are many restaurants in Dhanbad where you can enjoy the taste of delicious cuisines. Chinese, North Indian, Continental, Mughlai, Multicuisine and Fast food restaurants are ready to meet your demand for quality dining venue.

You can find vegetarian and non-vegetarian both type of delicacies here. So, if you want to try out some best of the finger licking cuisines in Dhanbad, then do not forget to visit restaurants of this region.

Restaurants in Dhanbad

True, the trip to any place is complete only when you take back some lovely remembrances of affection, love and aroma of the cuisine of any place. Nothing can beat the fragrance of brotherhood that goes deep down the memory lane and remains there to shine like diamonds after a few years. Dhanbad is such a place: welcoming, loving and nostalgic.

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