Administration of Dhanbad

District Administration Dhanbad, Jharkhand

As far as administration is concerned, the Deputy Commissioner is at the helm of affairs, overseeing developmental affairs of the district according to five-year plan and also manage the law and order situation in the district. Administration includes implementing government schemes and co-ordinate efficient functioning of various departments. Other officers who assist in planning work and general administration are district development officer, deputy collectors, district welfare officers, district public relations officer, district statistical officer, block development officers, senior medical officers, executive engineers, district agriculture officer and district education officer. All of them work with the common aim of uplifting the standard of lives of people and steer the district towards self reliance and steady success.

Dhanbad district has been sub-divided into 10 Blocks-cum-Anchals which cover specific village. The name of the Block is after the village headquarters. The projects are scrutinized by Block Development Officer who is assisted by personnel from diverse departments such as medicine, animal husbandry, statistical supervision etc. 

Concerted efforts with added support of people lead to success of projects the Block Development Officer is entrusted with.Officials of District Administration conduct awareness programmes, use pamphlets and banners, screen documentary films on disaster management, safety on roads etc.

Dhanbad district was constituted in 1956 by carving out the old Dhanbad subdivision, Chas and Chandankiyari police stations of the Sadar  subdivision of the erstwhile Manbhum district. In 1991, a part of  Dhanbad district was sliced away and Bokaro district was formed.

Phone Numbers of Administrative Officials: Designation Name Official Email Contact
1 Deputy Commissioner Shri Sandeep Singh dc-dha@nic[dot]in 0326-2312401/ 9471191601
2 Senior Superintendent of Police Shri Sanjeev Kumar [email protected] 9431120900
3 Superintendent of Police(City)(Inchage) Smt. Reeshma Ramesan [email protected] 9431743111
4 Superintendent of Police(Rural) Smt. Reeshma Ramesan [email protected] 9431724222
5 Deputy Development Commissioner Shri Shashi Prakash Singh [email protected] 9471191602
6 District Forest Officer Shri Vikash Paliwal [email protected] 8987790305
7 CEO DMC Dhanbad Shri Satyendra Kumar [email protected] 7909009797
8 Director,NEP Smt. Indu Rani 7979087198
9 District Welfare Officer (Incharge) Smt. Indu Rani [email protected] 7979087198
10 Additional Collector Shri Nand Kishore Gupta [email protected] 9471191603
11 District land acquisition officer (Incharge) Shri Satish Chandra 9470105781
12 Land Reform Deputy Collector Shri Satish Chandra [email protected] 9470105781
13 District Panchayati Raj Officer(Incharge) Shri Satish Chandra [email protected] 9470105781
14 ADM (Law & Order) Shri Kamla Kant Gupta [email protected] 9431300880
15 Director,DRDA Shri Mumtaz Ali Ahmed 8757252665
16 ADM Supply Officer Shri Yogendra Prasad [email protected] 9430140930
17 District Supply Officer(Incharge) Shri Yogendra Prasad [email protected] 9430140930
18 District Transport Officer Shri Rajesh Kumar Singh [email protected] 0326-2312411
19 Sub Divisional Officer Shri Prem Kumar Tiwari [email protected] 9431126246
20 District Planning Officer Shri Mahesh Bhagat [email protected] 9006153579
21 Additional Director Social Security(Incharge) Shri Kumar Bandhu Kachhap [email protected] 9472760272
22 Officer Incharge R&R JRDA (Incharge) Shri Kumar Bandhu Kachhap [email protected] 9472760272
23 Deputy Election Officer(Incharge) Shri Pradeep Kumar [email protected] 9798829303
24 District Social Welfare Officer Smt. Sneh Kashyap [email protected] 9570029251
25 Civil Surgeon Officer Dr. Alok Vishwakarma [email protected] 9431711098
26 District Agriculture Officer Shri Shiv Kumar Ram [email protected] 9939156590
27 District Public Relation Officer Smt. Urvashi Pandey [email protected] 9471191633
28 District Informatics Officer Smt. Sunita Tulsyan [email protected] 0326-2312404
29 District Education Officer(Incharge) Shri Bhutnath Rajwar [email protected] 9113327907
30 District Superintendent of Educatio Shri Bhutnath Rajwar [email protected] 9113327907
31 Stastical Officer(Incharge) Shri Mahesh Bhagat 9006153579
32 District Animal Husbandry Officer Dr. Pradip Kumar [email protected] 9430190944
33 Dist. Co-Operative Bank Smt. Ruma Jha [email protected] 8340540109
34 Mining Officer Shri Mihir Salkar [email protected] 8809831499
35 Assistant Commissioner Excise Officer Shri Uma Shankar Singh [email protected] 9471180400
36 Fisheries Officer Shri Md. Muzahid Ansari [email protected] 9546761966
37 District Treasury Officer Shri Sudama Kumar [email protected] 7667211377
38 Executive Officer Chirkunda Nagar Panchayat Shri Arun Kumar Bharti [email protected] 9798013845
39 District Nazarat Additional Collector(Incharge) Shri Kumar Bandhu Kachhap 9472760272
40 District Executive Magistrate Shri Ravindra Nath Thakur 9023684990
41 District Executive Magistrate Shri Kumar Bandhu Kachhap 9472760272
42 District Executive Magistrate Shri Sushant Kumar Mukharjee 7763970097
43 District Executive Magistrate
44 District Executive Magistrate Shri Pradeep Kumar 9798829303
45 District Executive Magistrate Shri Anshu Pandey 7004777151
46 District Disaster Management Manager Shri Sanjay Kumar Jha 8406002014
47 District Program Officer (UIDAI) Shri Amit Kumar Singh 8235433379
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