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Dhanbad Municipal Corporation

The Dhanbad Municipal Corporation (DMC) was formed in February, 2006, with the merger of Jharia NAC (Notified Area Committee), Sindri NAC, Chhatandih NAC and Katras NAC. Dhanbad has two Labour Court-Industrial tribunals and a district court. Some part of Dhanbad district comes under Giridih seat of the Lok Sabha. The six Legislative Assembly seats are Sindri, Dhanbad, Baghmara, Jharia, Nirsa and Tundi. One Member of Parliament is elected from Dhanbad. The development is looked after by MADA (Mineral Area Development Authority).
Natural Beauty: Efforts of DMC

Jharkhand has two Municipal Corporations, nineteen Municipalities and 18 Notified Area Committees (NAC) under its purview. The Municipal Corporations are governed by Ranchi Municipal Corporation (RMC) Act, 2000 while the Notified Area Committees and Municipalities are governed by Jharkhand Municipal Act, 2000. Grants and assistance is received by State and Central government for implementation of various schemes.
The area of coverage of DMC stands to approximately 355.77 sq.kms. Powers and functions of Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) are envisaged in Section 11A of Jharkhand Municipal Act, 2000 and Section 63A of Ranchi Municipal Corporation Act, 2001.

Functions of DMC:

  • Extend support to project plans.
  • Implement infrastructural projects.
  • Monitor city development plans.
  • Oversee work related to education, health, sanitation, waste management, generation of employment along with other initiatives of the government.
  • Regulate usage of land, construction of bridges, buildings and roads.
  • Monitor supply of water for domestic and industrial use.

Address of DMC:                                               

Dhanbad Municipal Corporation (DMC),                                                        
Bank More, Dhanbad.
Phone Number: 0326-2301925
FAX: 0326-2306366

DMC Officials:

Indu Devi (Mayor) Phone: 9431122099
Niraj Singh (Dy. Mayor) Phone: 9431129996

Ward Councillors

  • Vinod Kumar : 9835731220 (Ward No.1)
  • Rashda Farooqe: 9304318941 (Ward No.2) 
  • Hari Prasad Aggarwal: 9835109920 (Ward No.3)
  • Mahesh Paswan: 9955446604 (Ward No.4)
  • Birju Bawri: 9798730592 (Ward No.5)
  • Shabana Parven: 9308064030 (Ward No.6)
  • Pyare Lal Mahto: 9431375257 (Ward No.7)
  • Mahaveer Pasi: 9835924557 (Ward No.8)
  • Savitri Devi: 9835775813 (Ward No.9)
  • Sanjay Kumar: 9204943610 (Ward No.10)
  • Jitendra Gupta: 9431316506 (Ward No.11)
  • Devashish Paswan: 9708638637 (Ward No.12)
  • Bebi Devi: 9308094986 (Ward No.13)
  • Ranjeet Kumar: 9430700888 (Ward No.14)
  • Harun Kureshi : 9709200836 (Ward No.16)
  • Shama Parveen: 9835739669 (Ward No.17)
  • Rehana Begam: 9835351389 ( Ward No.18)
  • Md. Yushuf: 9308106929 (Ward No.19)
  • Imtiyaz Khan: 9835114501 ( Ward No.20)
  • Lakshmi Devi: 9386405079 (Ward No.21)
  • Rajkumari Devi:  9234659754 (Ward No.22)
  • Minakshi Singh: 9334094418 (Ward No.23)
  • Ashok Kumar Gupta: 9471588956 (Ward No.24)
  • Praful Mandal: 9431315725 (Ward No.25)
  • Priya Ranjan: 9431727290 (Ward No.26)
  • Manoranjan Kumar: 9279014868 (Ward No.27)
  • Paltu Mahato: 9835520533 (Ward No.28)
  • Ganpath Mahato: 9934558246 (Ward No.29)
  • Nirmal Kumar: 9431375773 (Ward No.30)
  • Sahadev Yadav: 9031644511 (Ward No.31)
  • Madan Mahato: 9973677009 (Ward No.32)
  • Ran Vijay Kumar: 9693146070 (Ward No.33)
  • Kalavati Devi: 9431511742 (Ward No.34)
  • Md. Rustam Ansari: 9934191320 (Ward No.35)
  • Krishna Aggarwal: 9905665844 (Ward No.36)
  • Anup Kumar Saav: 9835506311 (Ward No.37)
  • Amna Khatun: 9835368179 (Ward No.38)
  • Sumita Khatun: 9431125364 (Ward No.39)
  • Jai Kumar: 9576101327 (Ward No.40)
  • Haripado Mahato: 9431541979 (Ward No.41)
  • Aftab Ansari: 9386788569 (Ward No.42)
  • Manoj Saav: 8877014222 (Ward No.43)
  • Babita Agarwal: 9431124036 (Ward No.44)
  • Jema Devi: 9931065560 (Ward No.45)
  • Malo Devi: 9334000598 (Ward No.46)
  • Munni Devi: 9939555490 (Ward No.47)
  • Viren Gorai: 9234744384 (Ward No.48)
  • Chandan Kumar: 9304143332 (Ward No.49)
  • Samit Supkar: 7654165956 (Ward No.50)
  • Bijola Devi: 9431120091 (Ward No.51)
  • Manju Devi: 9431541669 (Ward No.52)
  • Ajanta Jha: 9931107014 (Ward No.53)
  • Sita Devi: 9955190052 (Ward No.54)
  • Dinesh Singh: 9431377019 (Ward No.55)

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