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Tourist Attractions in Dhanbad

Dhanbad though famous for its coal reserves is also noted for its various beautiful sightseeing destinations. One can find several picturesque natural sites, amusing recreational spots, captivating historical sites and ancient religious places in this city which make it worth visiting for its visitors and tourists enchanting with its charm and elegance.

 Birsa Munda Park, Deer Park, Bird Sanctuary, Topchanchi Lake, Maithon Lake, Bhatinda Falls, Rahalla Falls, Panchet Dam, Maithon Dam, Hot Springs of Charak Khurd, Panra, Gopalpur, Kalyaneshwari Temple, Shakti Mandir, Jagannath Temple, Shiva Temples of Jhinjhipahari are some of the popular tourist attractions in Dhanbad. 

Along with essence of rich traditional culture of the region is visible in its traditional cuisines which are famous for their aroma and taste and simply make one love this city. In the recent years Dhanbad has developed and emerged as a modernized city having shopping malls, branded renowned outlets, multiplex, hotels and restaurants which also cater to the specific needs of the tourists and visitors in Dhanbad.

Birsa Munda Park in Dhanbad

Known for its recreational options Birsa Munda Park is one of its kind in Dhanbad. Being a famous amusement park and one of the most happening picnic spots it is located approx. 8 km from Dhanbad Railway Station. The park with dragon train, giant wheel, striking cars and other options is great source of amusement for children. 

With large play areas it is undoubtedly a complete package for children and people of all age groups. For nature lovers, it has mesmerizing green surroundings and locals especially come here for morning walk and leisure stroll. 

Tourists and visitors from distant and neighboring places come here for enjoying weekend and vacation with loved ones. Birsa Munda Park is one of the must to visit places in Dhanbad which one should definitely visit once when present in Dhanbad.

Tourist destinations in Dhanbad

How To Reach Birsa Munda Park ?
One can easily reach Birsa Munda Park by hiring a taxi from Dhanbad railway station or can take a public transport medium to reach this famous destination which is barely half an hour drive from the main town.

Address: Bhuli Hirak Road, Dhanbad, Jharkhand- 826004
Timings: Mon to Sat: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
Sun: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm

Topchanchi Lake in Dhanbad

Topchanchi Lake is famous picnic spot and natural attraction in Dhanbad. Topchanchi Lake is popular among tourists and visitors for its enchanting serene beauty. This man-made artificial lake came into being in 1915 by excavating slopes of Parasnath Hills. 

This lake was main source of water supply in Jharia region in early times. Topchanchi Lake is surrounded by green forests and hills of Parasnath which enhance beauty of this lake. One can relax in natural surroundings and enjoy perfect picnic with loved ones here.

How To Reach Topchanchi Lake ?
Topchanchi Lake is located approx. 37 km from Dhanbad railway Station on NH 2. One can avail local service of cabs or buses to reach this place from Dhanbad.

Maithon Lake in Dhanbad

Maithon Lake is a beautiful picnic spot and one of the major tourist attractions in Dhanbad. It is well known as a perfect tourist spot where one can enjoy boating and fishing as well as relax in natural surroundings. Boating and fishing both facilities are available at this lake for visitors. 

One can also visit nearby located Deer Park and Bird Sanctuary which are perfect place to visit for wildlife lovers. People come to enjoy weekend or vacation here with family and friends. Numbers of tourists and visitors come here throughout the year and this place is mostly crowded during 15th December to 20th January when beauty of lake is at its marvel.

Tourist spots in and around Dhanbad

How To Reach Maithon Dam ?
Maithon dam is located 48 km from Dhanbad city. One can avail service of cabs or buses to easily reach this lake.

Maithon Dam in Dhanbad

Maithon Dam is another most famous tourist attraction in Dhanbad. This dam is the biggest reservoir of DVC which is specially designed and constructed for flood control by Damodar Valley Corporation (DVC). Unique underground power station which is first of its kind in entire SE Asia is also established at this dam. Prior official permission is mandatory to visit this dam and permits can be collected from office of the Assistant Public Relation Officer. Guide facility is also available at Maithon dam for visitors and tourists.

How To Reach Maithon Dam ?
Maithon Dam is 48 km away from Dhanbad city and one can easily reach by bus or availing service of local cab or car.

Bhatinda Falls in Dhanbad

Bhatinda falls or Waterfall of Moonidih is known for its mesmerizing natural beauty. Scenic beauty of this waterfall is major attraction which draws huge crowd of visitors and tourists throughout the year. Besides, green surroundings add grace to its beauty and make this place a perfect picnic spot. Refreshing water of this waterfall rejuvenate tired mind and soul providing natural energy. Bhatinda Falls become much more enchanting during winter and spellbound its visitors at a glance.

Tourist Attractions Dhanbad

How To Reach Bhatinda falls ?
Bhatinda waterfall is located near Munidih about 14 km from Dhanbad Railway Station. One can easily reach there by rail or road. From Dhanbad railway station auto rickshaws and cabs are also available for Bhatinda Falls.

Panchet Dam in Dhanbad

Panchet Dam is one of the famous picnic spots in Dhanbad. Panchet Dam is famous for scenic beauty and worth watching. It was constructed across Damodar River at Panchet in Dhanbad district. It was first opened in 1959 and at present one of the favorite tourist spots in Dhanbad. It is one of the most favored picnic spots in Jharkhand and remains stuffed with people during winter season when the region is at its best.

How To Reach Panchet Dam ?
Panchet Dam is situated at distance of 54 km from Dhanbad and 9 km from Chirkunda on Grand Trunk road. One can avail service of cab or taxi to reach Panchet Dam.

Historical Sites In and Around Dhanbad

Gopalpur near Dhanbad

Shakti Mandir in DhanbadDhanbad has several villages which are known for their historical significance. Gopalpur is the famous village of Nirsa-cum-Chirkunda block in Dhanbad. Gopalpur is known for an ancient pillar and a large stone image present in this village which are said to belong to the times of Mauryan Emperor Asoka.

 It is said that the ancient pillar of Gopalpur was constructed by Emperor Asoka and stone image is said to be the replica of Emperor Asoka himself. Thus, Gopalpur has become popular among tourists, archeologists and historians alike.

How To Reach Gopalpur ?
Gopalpur is located approx. 31.7 km from Dhanbad and one can easily reach Gopalpur by any convenient mode of local transport from bus, cab or hired auto.

Panra in Dhanbad

Panra is another village near Nirsa in Nirsa-cum-Chirkunda block in Dhanbad district which is famous for its historical places. As per folktales the place for short period of time served as home to famous Pandavas . And so the region gained the name ‘Panra’ derived from Pandavas. 

Pandeshwar Mahadev Temple is one of the ancient temple located in the village. People come to visit this temple from neighboring towns and villages and far places as well. Panra village is popular among locals and visitors for its historical significance.

How To Reach Panra ?
Panra is situated near Nirsa and one can easily reach there by cabs or buses which are available from Dhanbad.

Hot Springs of Charak Khurd

Charak Khurd located in Tundi village is famous for its hot springs known for containing medicinal properties. Located 10 km far from Dhanbad city the water of the spring are known for curing various skin related diseases. People from across nearby areas visit the spot to take bath in the hot pouring water of the spring.

Famous places in Dhanbad

How To Reach Charak Khurd ?

Hot springs of Charak Khurd is situated about 10 km from Dhanbad. Cabs, buses or auto rickshaws are easily available from Dhanbad to Charak Khurd.

Religious Places In and Around Dhanbad

Kalyaneshwari Temple in Dhanbad

Kalyaneshwari temple is one of the most popular religious places in Dhanbad. This ancient temple was constructed in 19th century near left bank of Maithon Lake in Dhanbad. Kalyaneshwari temple is named after and devoted to Goddess Maa Kalyaneshwari, who is the main deity of this temple. 

People of this region have strong belief in Goddess Maa Kalyaneshwari and they worship her with lot of devotion. Devotees from various parts of the country visit this temple to get their wishes fulfilled by grace of Maa Kalyaneshwari.

Religious places in Dhanbad

How To Reach Kalyaneshwari temple ?
Being located near Maithon Lake, Kalyaneshwari temple is approx. 47 km far from Dhanbad city and 2 km from Dhanbad Railway Station. Besides, cabs, buses and auto rickshaws are also available for transportation. Thus, one can easily reach Kalyaneshwari Temple by road or rail.

Jagannath Temple in Dhanbad

Jagannath Temple is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Dhanbad. This temple is named after Lord Jagannath and main deities of this temple are Lord Jagannath and Balbhadra and Goddess Subhadra. ‘Rath Yatra’ or ‘Car Festival’ is organized every year with pomp and gaiety which is the major attraction of this temple. Huge crowd of devotees visit this temple during Rath Yatra and people from distant parts of the country especially come to celebrate this unique festival.

How To Reach Jagannath Temple ?
Jagannath Temple is situated about 1 km away from Bank More on the left side of the road which connects Dhanbad to Jharia. One can easily reach this temple by private car or local transport like buses, cabs or auto rickshaws.

Shakti Mandir in Dhanbad

Another famous devotional place in Dhanbad is Shakti Mandir which is situated about 2.9 km away from centre of Dhanbad city on Joraphatak road. Being devoted to Maa Durga, Goddess of power, this temple is specially named after Goddess Shakti. 

It is said that eternal flame or akhand jyoti of this temple was actually brought from revered shrines of Jwalaji in Himachal Pradesh. Though the temple remain jam packed throughout the week but on witnesses additional crowd on Tuesday and Friday, when Maa Shakti is considered to grant the wishes of her devotees. On auspicious occasions or festivals like Diwali, Dussehra, Durga Puja and Navratri numbers of devotees Shakti Mandir assumes festive look and becomes a hub of activities in and around Dhanbad.

Religious destination in Dhanbad

How To Reach Shakti Mandir ?
Shakti Mandir is just 2.9 km away from city centre on Joraphatak road and it takes only few minutes to reach this temple from centre of the Dhanbad city. Auto-rickshaws and buses are easily available from city centre to Shakti Mandir.

The Shiva Temple of Jhinjhipahari

The Shiva Temple of Jhinjhipahari is famous ancient temple situated in a small village of Jhinjhipahari which comes in Baghmara development block of Dhanbad. Shiva temple of Jhinjhipahari is devoted to Lord Shiva who is the presiding deity of this ancient temple. It is famous about this temple that it was found during excavation of mines for minerals in the mining grounds of Jhinjhipahari. 

Since then it became famous among locals and with the time it also gained popularity amongst tourists. Devotees in number visit the temple to offer their prayers to Lord Shiva. On the eve of Mahashivratri a grand fair is held around the temple.

How To Reach Jhinjhipahari ?
The Shiva Temple of Jhinjhipahari is located in small village of Jhinjhipahari in Baghmara development block which is just 25 minutes away from Dhanbad city. One can avail local service of cabs from Dhanbad city to reach this temple.

Lillori Sthan Mandir in Dhanbad

Lillori Sthan Mandir is another ancient temple in Dhanbad devoted to Goddess Kali. Lillori Sthan Mandir is much popular among people of this region. Most of the rituals are held in and around the temple. The deity is supposed to be the protector of the region and numbers of devotees visit to this temple to seek blessings from Maa Kali . The temple wears festive look on the eve of Kali Puja.

Popular religious places in Dhanbad

How To Reach
Lillori Sthan Mandir ?
Lillori Sthan Mandir is situated in Lillori Sthan near Katras on the bank of river Katri about 18.5 km far from Dhanbad. One can reach this temple by road or rail. All local trains have stoppage on Katras Railway Station and one can avail service of auto rickshaws or buses to easily reach this temple.

Bhuiphor Mandir in Dhanbad

Bhuiphor Mandir is famous ancient temple in Dhanbad which is dedicated to the tribal god of land in this region. This entire region was earlier tribal area and occupied by tribal people. Tribal people of this region and neighboring areas come to offer their prayers and perform special pujas on special occasions and festivals in this temple.

How To Reach Bhuiphor Mandir ?
Bhuiphor Mandir is located on NH-32 towards Govindpur about 6 km away from Dhanbad Railway Station. Thus, one can easily reach by rail or road to this temple. Auto rickshaws and cabs are also available from Dhanbad to Bhuiphor Temple.

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